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Coming on September 4, 2023
The Lede Cover.png

The Lede to Our Undoing

1970s rust-belt America. The era of civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights, as well as the birth of the environmental movement. Twins Jake and Wren are raised in the white-flight suburb of Laurentine, not far from an industrial metropolis that was named in a much greener time the Forest City. The twin's parents, Harry and Florrie, are doing their best to keep their offspring on the straight and narrow, along the lines of what today we would call MAGA America, though before it got the name. But the two are not very good at coloring inside the lines.  Wren falls in love with an African-American youth named Donald, and Jake falls in love first with Romeo and then Peacoat––with traumatic results. Their story is told by the family mutt, Molly, whose outsider status offers the reader a view on human foibles, and prejudice, that we haven't seen in fiction before.

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Coming in Late Fall 2023

A Few Weeks in May

Co-Authored with Hrvoje Slovenc

A Few Weeks in May (Portrait of American Psyche) is an unusual album. It’s a serial portrait that uses images and text, both original and appropriated, to weave two parallel satirical narratives. One follows two American photographers and academics on their quest to a mining town in Kabwe, Zambia. Like two white ostriches, they land in Africa to tell a story of the landscape tainted with lead. The deeper they dig through the layers of colonial legacy, the more their naïveté comes to surface. The text is part journal, part research, part discovery, and it ultimately exposes their failure to grasp the cultural complexities involved. The other narrative follows a woman who works in a chain store. Her stream-of-consciousness social media posts range from ostentatious reflections describing mundane events to heated discussions regarding current political and social issues. Choosing between sushi and taco for lunch becomes an existential dilemma and is sandwiched between calls for violence against political opponents. . . . Images that accompany the text fuse photographic techniques, genres, and formal conventions: from faded salt prints to fashion-like color slides, appropriations, and drawings.

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